The Blood Covenant – Introduction

The Bible is a book of covenants. From Adam all the way until the first coming of Christ we see in the Word that God makes covenants with man. Our English and Spanish languages has been getting poorer through the years. The meaning of words have been changing with time. That’s sometimes it’s important to study certain Biblical subjects in their original language.

The word “Covenant” is a very old word. Its origin was before the time of Abraham. And because the word is so old it has lost its real meaning. Now a day’s we substitute the word “covenant” with the word “testament”. We must discover the real meanings of these words and renew our minds.

In all old civilizations we see that it was normal and a custom to cut a covenant of blood. For example if we study the history of our town or country we grew up in, 100 to 200 years back, it’s a for sure thing that it was a custom to make covenants of blood. The most recent and modern civilizations have abandon this practice to the point where its meaning and effectiveness has been lost.

The world has its own idea of what it means to be civilized. The more we let the world “civilize” us, more and more we separate ourselves from a blood covenant to a covenant made by ink. The result of that is that we become a civilization of liars, cheater, traitors and murderers.

To be able to understand the New Covenant, aka New Testament, we have to understand the profoundness of the Blood Covenant and the way it was cut during the time of the Old Testament.

In this new study on the covenant we will go deep in the reasons there had to be a covenant cut between God and Abraham and how that covenant affects us now through Christ Jesus.

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