What Jesus Went Through For Us

Have you ever wondered what Jesus went through?

The Bible tells us he was wounded for our transgressions bruised for our iniquities. But do you know what that really means?

In Matthew 27 verse 26, it tells us a pilot had Jesus scourged before he delivered him to be crucified. To understand what it meant to be scourged, we must take a look at the horrific ancient world times and the image, and what a person went through being scourged in the New Testament times.

When they decided to Scourge an individual, they were stripped completely naked so their entire flesh would be open and uncovered to the beating action of those that whipped them. Then the prisoners hands were tied above his head to a metal ring, so that his hands we’re securely Shackled, to restrain his body from moving. In that position the person who couldn’t move or Dodge any of the lashes that were laid upon his back. The Roman punishers were professionals at their job of scourging they’re prisoners. They took a lot of delight in the fact that they were the best at this brutal Act. What’s a prisoner with harnessed stretch over the post the soldier would begin to put him through unimaginable torture. Most of the time the mirror anticipation of the whipping what cause the body to grow rigid the muscles to knot up in his stomach, all the color drained from his face, his lips draw tight against this teeth as he waited for the first blow that would begin tearing this Body. The scourging itself was made up of short, wooden handle the several 18 to 20 in long strips of leather protruding from it. Each piece of leather was equipped with sharp pieces of glass metal wire fragments of bone sharp pieces of rock. This what’s considered one of the most feared and deadly weapons but the Roman soldiers used. Usually it was two soldiers on either side of the prisoner that was simultaneously last prisoner. As each whip structor prisoner the straps but they’re sharp Jagged objects would extend over the prisoners entire back. Each piece of metal wire bone glass rock what cut so deep into the prisoners skin and into his flesh shredding into the muscles and the tissues of his body. Every single time the whip would go across the prisoners body, the straps wood curl around his body. Going so deeply and painfully into the skin have his abdomen and upper chest. Each whip with lacerate and thrash around his body where he was unable to move because his wrists were held so firmly above his head. Helpless to escape he was screaming for mercy at the anguish might come to an end. As they would whip the prisoner and the pieces would sink into the body the soldiers are jerks back on the whip pulling hard in order to tear whole pieces of the flesh from the body. The prisoners back buttocks back of his legs stomach upper chest and his face would soon be disfigured by the slashing blows of each whip that went across him.

History record that victims facts or so mutilated after the scourging that the spine would actually be exposed. Some history tells us that even the bowels of the victim would actually spill out through the opening wounds created by the whips. Also that their veins were laid bare and muscles we’re complete exposure.

The Roman soldiers are so aggressive extracting their prisoners that he would not take his time to even untangled the bloody flesh field straps every last whip across the victim’s body over and over again. If the scourging wasn’t stopped, reflection of the whip what’s the latest prisoners body. Many times with so many blood vessels sliced open by the whip the prisoner we began to experience severe blood loss and bodily fluids. The Heart Wood pump harder and harder struggling to send blood to parts of the body that were bleeding. It was as if water was pumping through and open hydrant but there was nothing that would stop the blood from pouring from the body of the prisoner.

The loss of blood cause the prisoners blood pressure to drop drastically. The massive loss bodily fluids who would experience excruciating thirst often fainting turn the pain eventually going into shock. A person’s heartbeat would become so irregular he might even go into cardiac arrest.

This is the type of punishment the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ went through for you and I. Jesus willfully took our sins a shame or guilt our punishment. That way we met have a clean slate to stand before him. Knowing we deserve the wrath of God for the sins that we’ve committed. Jesus gave his life his flesh in his body so that each and every one of us could have freedom. I know this is a gruesome and gory explanation of what he went through but it should open our eyes to know what he really went through that we may have Abundant Life through him.

If we could just open our eyes and look and all that he has done for us, then maybe we can understand the no matter what we’ve done no matter where we are. He’s right there waiting with open arms. He not only died for us and rose again. But he took our punishment that we so righteously deserve and for all of our iniquity all of our shame all of our guilt all of our sin. He stands alive and well with open arms waiting for us to accept the gift of life that he is given us.

So today I asked you to take a look at what Jesus did for you, and ask yourself Am I Living For him the right way. Or am I just living my own life without any regrets of the sins that I have committed against him. Also today I asked you to find a place and go before the father and ask for True repentance ask him to show you what it is he wants you to do and be willing to do whatever it is he ask of you.

I pray this is open your eyes to understand that you have life in abundance you have health in abundance you have everything you need in Jesus. He stands at the door and Knocks and if any man opens he will come in and sup with you.

If you haven’t asked Jesus into your heart today. I beg of you to call upon the name of Jesus asking for forgiveness repent of your sins. Start a new life with Jesus today no matter what the cost. I promise you he didn’t think about the cost for your life. Because when he was on the whipping post and on the cross he saw you and me. He knows your future he knows your past all he’s asking for his to give him a chance to give you Abundant Life and him.

I pray this has helped you in some way to understand the full intention that he had for your life. May God bless you and keep you in his hands. God loves you I want you to be a part of his family.

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