A Life Surrendered to God

How do we live a life surrendered to God?

I’ve asked this questions throughout my life growing up as a Christian. I’ve heard many different methods of “hows and dos” over and over in sermons and Bible studies. Somehow we all have our own way to interpret what that means. Can it be because of lack of understanding? Or can it be that the person in the other end doesn’t have the correct method of teaching and therefore your mind cannot grasp the idea of surrendering to the Lord? Some of us just can’t let go of things that God is asking to be surrendered.

Though they may be thousands of reason why we can’t live a life surrendered to God, there’s only one way to do so.

The Way to the Life Surrendered to God.

As I mentioned before, though there may be thousands of methods and ways we have all heard from other people. The truth is there is only ONE method to achieve this goal. Method means, according to Google dictionary: “a particular form of procedure for accomplishing or approaching something, especially a systematic or established one.

In our culture, we rely a lot in easy ways to achieve what we want. The ” get rich quick” schemes is just an example. Something I’ve been a victim of many times in the past. Or, things like ” 5 Steps to live a happy life”, you know what I’m talkin about. Even though few of these methods DO actually work with proven results there is still one way to come to God and live the life He wants us to live.

A Life Surrendered to God
A Heart Surrendered To God

God Established One Way Only

If God wanted us to follow a 3-step or a 5-step procedure there won’t be a reason to have a book over a thousand pages thick. His Word (the Bible) would be a page long with a list in bullet points for us to follow.

But the Bible does contain pages and pages of narratives, poetry, proverbs, and letters that all connect together to tell us just one thing to do, that is, to look at Jesus. Jesus became the Word manifested in the flesh, He is the Word.

When we read God’s Word we start building a relationship with God himself. This relationship will turn into a daily devotion because your not just reading a book, your reading into a person’s mind. The words and the pages become alive in you, that all you want to do is do what it says.

Jesus is the Way to Live a Life Surrendered to God

Not only did Jesus gave us an example of how to live a life surrendered to God but He also charged us to follow His example. His example was giving up His life so we might have life. When we surrender and follow the Word (the Bible), we follow Jesus. The life that we give up is our selfishness and pride, and instead we serve and love one another. Loving and serving one another is above any step or method. To live the life of Jesus is the only way to God.

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God Bless You, Jesus is King and Lord Forever!

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