Coronavirus is Demonic: Enemy Rising in the Last Days

I had this dream back in the middle of January when I was in prayer for God’s guidance for this year. The Lord had shown me back then that this Coronavirus is demonic. Of course I didn’t know anything of such Coronavirus because it had not been viral yet.

In one dream back in January 17, 2020 God clearly revealed to me the rising of evil sometime in the future. Later around the end of February the Lord revealed the same dream but in a different setting. I clearly saw demons coming out from the ground on both dreams.

I tried sharing this same dream at a website where there is a way to submit a prophecy from God to share it to the world. But my revelation was never published. So I’m taking the opportunity to share this revelation through this website the Lord has been gracious to provide for us.

The Vision from January 17, 2020:

This dream I had that later turn into a vision I believe is about what’s going to come soon.

I rode a bus in a dark gloomy night.  I looked up and found that a part of the city was on fire.  You could see on the horizon pillars of dense smoke rising.  Then within the dream I was seeing a vision, demons were being release on the earth to possess the people.  These demons were animal-like, monkeys, reptiles, and mammals.  Then I saw a different kind of demon, an ugly figure character with horns.  His face had more than two eyes, his facial features weren’t human-like.  I discerned in the dream this was the main leader.  As these demons were being release on the city a force of energy could be felt and it pushed me back.  The other people in the bus weren’t aware of what was going on, I was the only one feeling the bad energy.  In the dream I asked myself, can it be that Christ came already and I was left behind?  But no, I quickly discerned in the dream that this was Satan’s last stand against the church before the rapture of the church.  The demons came to fight the saints on the earth.  

I believe God is showing me through this dream that what He had put in my heart was true and just as the days close for his coming the forces of the devil will get stronger against us.  But it’s motivating because this is our chance to release God’s power and let His glory manifest.  Because greater is He in us than he (satan) in the world.

-Erick Escolero

God had spoken to us about what was coming just days before we heard of any Coronavirus breaking out. We have to understand that all this is demonic, the evil forces have risen up to make the last stands before the coming of the Great King of Eternity.

We must prepare for the end of times. Because greater things are going to rise. This virus is a global pandemic, and more and more will come. How is our faith today? If this pandemic has us running like chickens without heads without knowing what to do, I wonder how will we act when the worst comes.

The Coronavirus is Demonic

How should we treat this Coronavirus?
God reveals the Coronavirus is demonic. Therefore, the church must cast out this demon the same way Jesus would.

On one of Jennifer LeClaire’s post about the Coronavirus she explains that there is indeed a demon called Corona. Actually the catholic church calls him “St. Corona”, and this suppose saint resides in Italy. Italy has been hit hard by this demon, but it also show us the power this demon has when people worship it. Just by having fear of it we can help it spread, because the power of satan moves around fear. Faith in God, the Word, will destroy the work of the satan.

We are to come united in prayer and destroy the work of the enemy. We must not fear but have faith in the blood of Jesus.

– Erick Escolero

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