Shaking and Stirring Puerto Rico

By Anthony Medina
Published on February 17, 2020

Puerto Rico has been on my mind and heart quite a bit lately due to the terrible outbreak of earthquakes that has been going in since December. Being of Puerto Rican descent, the Lord has given both Melissa (my wife) and me a particular burden for the island and its people.

While inquiring of the Lord concerning the island and these earthquakes, the Lord said, “I am using these natural occurrences to shake and stir the land, its inhabitants and My Church.”

He then began to show me a few things that were being shaken and stirred by His loving hands here:

The church: The Lord has used this natural disaster to shake the Church out of its comfort zone and out of their four walls of comfort. The Church is getting a refresher on what it is like to be amongst the people and serve again. After hurricane Maria, the Church served the tangible needs of the people, but in this go-around, they’ll serve their emotional and spiritual needs.

I saw pastors and leaders around the island sitting and weeping with the broken and hurting, releasing emotional and physical healing. The posture of humble servants that these pastors and leaders took led to massive harvest of souls.

The hidden riches: I saw the discovery of different natural resources on the island, things that would not have been uncovered had it not been for the tremors removing that which kept them hidden. These discoveries would serve to bolster the economy of Puerto Rico.

The spiritual climate: I saw many demonic altars and places of worship shaken violently and turned into rubble. And the Lord said, “It was not the natural quakes that caused these demonic structures to crumble, it was My mighty right hand that brought them down. I am judging the demonic coercion that flows from these structures and into the entertainment, media and political arenas of the island. These demonic power grids are broken and will no longer function, because I am restoring the pure, powerful Word in the land. The people will hear My voice again!”

Delight: The Lord said, “There is a long-standing fear that is coming off the island collectively. The fear is not due to the natural disasters; it is because of all of the words of doom and judgment pronounced over the island in My name. These well-intentioned sons and daughters pronounced judgment on a people instead of the demonic structures and assignments that were set against Puerto Rico. These misguided words have fueled fear. In the same manner that I am tearing down demonic structures on the island, I am extinguishing these words of fear once and for all. Fear will be exchanged for delight, joy and gladness. This fear has hindered the true prophetic voices, but that ends now.”

The island is on the verge of major transformation and breakthrough. Keep praying and blessing the precious people of Puerto Rico

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