God is Wrestling the British Isles Into a New Name

By British Isles Council of Prophets
Published on February 17, 2020

Just as the Lord wrestled with Jacob to bring him a new name and a new identity (see Genesis 32:22-31), so He is wrestling with the nations of the British Isles in their time of change. Though the country is going through challenging processes, 

God’s promise is this: It will not be a wrestle without glory, nor will there be glory without first a wrestle.God said that He would deliver the nation of its pride through the Brexit process and we should therefore be on guard that we do not partner with fear, anxiety or alarm during a decade of economic re-stabilising. Having gone through this deliverance, we must adopt a national humility and walk forwards without any ungodly pride. 

These islands carry injuries from the process that are like Jacob’s limp after the Lord wrestled with him. However, the Lord says, ‘British Isles, if you remain humble and faithful, your limp will be your strength and not your weakness.’ (see 2 Corinthians 12:9). God renamed Jacob at Peniel and is renaming the British Isles now. The Lord says, ‘I have let a nameless moment emerge, where your leaders and your people no longer know your true name. This is so that I can then release to you a new name: You will be called faithful – ‘Faithful Britain’. 

As you step forward with courage into new covenants and the restoration of my original intention for you, you do so into your call to be a land of faithfulness once more’.In faithfulness the nation will find favour in His eyes.

There will be a renewing of the historic qualities of leadership, innovation and pioneering. Faithfulness will rise in the hearts of a new breed of determined leaders.aWhere the nation in the past dominated, controlled and subjugated, a softening of the heart and attitudes of humility, honour and love will see its true apostolic influence among the nations restored. 

As it does, Leviathan is being dealt with in the surrounding seas.In the natural, prophets have been experiencing cravings to eat oily fish (like a pregnant food cravings); fish and oil symbolise the harvest of souls and the manifest presence of God.

There is a birthing move of God that the Lord has been overseeing on these islands and it is being brought to the point of delivery (see section below, Awakening & Harvest). The waters will teem with life as a sign of God’s blessing. In this most strategic of years (that will become known as a ‘hinge’ or ‘pivot’ year), we need to be sober, focused and alert. The booming voice of God will be heard; He will come close and scorching, devouring purity will be established. Storms of change will be the norm.Our God comes and will not be silent; a fire devours before him and around him a tempest rages. It is very tempestuous around him.

Psalm 50:3 Be prepared and ready for a major change of pace in 2020 – urgency. cWe are in Hebrew year 5780. 80th element of periodic table: Mercury – Quick Silver. Silver symbolises redemption, hence suddenlies of spiritual transformation.We are in a time of great momentum, speed and ‘suddenlies’. A ‘tipping point’ for the new epoch or era. We have heard that ‘New Means New’ and now we will see that ‘New is the New Normal’.

This season in the earth will be known as a ‘New Era’ – some will call it a ‘Glory’ era, whilst others refer to it as a ‘Power’ era! Prepare, construct, organise and position to receive the harvest and to align with sudden moves of the Spirit. Things to look for: Because there is a speed to this season, don’t expect to see things as polished as they might have been before. There will not be time to shape, correct or ‘fix’ things because of the abundance and increase in this ‘double portion’ season. 

Things will happens so fast we cannot be human-perfectionists. Go with God’s flow! ‘Do you not perceive it?’ (see Isaiah 43:18-25). Old practices, structures and ways of thinking may have to be dismantled where they are no longer fit for the ‘new thing’.e Get off the box you are in and then destroy the box so that you can’t get back in! Don’t look back like Lot’s wife did.

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