Should Christians Worry About the Coronavirus?

Original post taken from Erick Escolero Blog

Not at all.

In the Bible it says that plagues will come in the last days. Now, whether this virus was the creation of man to reduce the population or part of the fulfillment of the Last Days, it don’t matter, it was already written. Because there’s a lot of fuzz from conspirators that this is a man made virus. The simple fact that God allowed it still falls under the will of God.

Now, why does God allow this to happen? First, of all the Earth was cursed by God the moment after Adam disobeyed in the Garden of Eden. So that made us vulnerable to diseases and plagues when we eat of what comes from the ground. Secondly, because the Earth is cursed it must be passed through fire so it may be purged, 2 Peter 3:12-13. God is calling that men repent before the Great Coming of the Lord, 2 Peter 3:10. God came to the Earth 2,000 years ago so man won’t have to experience His wrath upon the Earth.

Many Christians think that the Coronavirus is the wrath of God, but it isn’t. His wrath is reserve to those that never come to believe in Him, to those that will be left behind after the Rapture of the Church. What’s happening now is just simply the reaping of man’s disobedience. Too much unforgiven sin. Because God already provided a way for man to be right with Him, when He came from heaven as a man to give His own life on the cross. But man rather continue to live in darkness, rejecting to believe in Jesus, who created the Heavens and the Earth.

So should Christians worry about the Coronavirus? Well, like I said, it’s not the wrath of God. God is not in wrath against His children. He’s waiting patiently for the world to repent. God has given His children the Word, His Spirit, and His Name to overcome the world and the power of sin and death. We are children born in heaven, our citizenship is not of this world but of the Kingdom of God. We are only sojourning in this Earth because we are in this earthly body for the only purpose to manifest God’s power on Earth, through the Word, His Spirit and His Name.

Why are Christians worrying about this plague, when we are the ones with the answer. President Trump just signed a bill that release over 9 Billions dollars to help fight the Coronavirus, when we have the Word, the Power in the Name of Jesus to destroy the works of the devil.

But if your a Christian with no faith, a christian that says ” I believe, but don’t believe”, then you should be worried, because you’re in the same shoes as the world, without God and without hope.

I exhort you to take the Word, take the authority and fight against the devil whos trying to destroy your family and friends. Pray that God will release His power through you. That you turn into the antidote the world needs to fight against the evil forces raising in these last days.

Your love ones need you, they need you to be the man or woman of faith you pretend to be. God has the answer to all this turmoil.


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